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Yes, You Can Run!

Yes, You Can Run! is a program to support the next generation of public servants interested in running for office.

If you have ever thought about running for public office at any level, this program will help you develop the vision and practical steps to do so. Executive Director Rob Barron, who brings 20 years of experience working and serving in elected public service, leads the cohort through a combination of group meetings and individual coaching as they explore why they want to serve, how to run, and how to make their elected service fulfilling

This opportunity is open to students, staff, and faculty at our member campuses and there is no cost to participate. The Program runs annually from January to May. 

We know the best public servants often have to be asked to run more than once. If you know someone you think should run for office, submit this brief nomination and we will reach out and encourage them to apply.

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