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Power Mapping

Description: Participants will examine power structures and circles of influence around an issue, then explore how those structures interact to either advance or hinder social change. They will practice identifying whose support is likely and necessary to advance a project, where they can build allies, and where opposition may lie. It will also help participants [...]

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Building Allies & Support: The Elevator Speech

Description: Participants will understand that an elevator speech helps introduce an individual and the work with which they are involved. The aim is for the speech to be captivating enough to lead to further conversation, resulting in new connections, relationships, support, and possibly collaboration. Elevator-SpeechesDownload

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Spectrum of Allies

Description: Participants will explore the complexity of strategizing and become more optimistic about mobilization efforts through a realization that it is not necessary to win over the opposition to your point of view. They will explore social forces and groups spread across a spectrum, ranging from those who are the most dedicated opponents to those [...]

Social Change Wheel (Workshop)

Description: Participants will understand that there are multiple potential strategies for addressing issues they care about. Commonly considered strategies such as charitable volunteerism or legislative advocacy are only two possibilities. Analyzing how multiple change strategies have been or might be used can enhance one’s understanding of an issue and the impact of one’s action. Social-Change-WheelDownload

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Action Star Framework

Description: Participants will engage in reflection and analysis of power, history, message, relationships, and resources related to their chosen social issue. They will then be more prepared to select an impactful action. Action-Star-FrameworkDownload

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Participatory Data Collection

Description: Participants will understand that communities can either be seen as passive or active in data collection processes. Participatory methods involve participants as active agents. Participatory processes help create shared power in a group. Participatory-Data-CollectionDownload



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