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Welcome to the Seed Coalition Resource Library. Our organization has developed and curated resources that support the engaged work of our coalition members on their campuses and in their communities. Take a look at what we have to offer, including “plug and play” civic agency workshops, relevant research publications, the Social Change Wheel, and more.

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Card on Blue Surface
Created by AAC&U
Description: Commissioned by the US Department of Education, this major report responds to a national discourse that effectively limits the mission of higher education to workforce preparation and training, while marginalizing disciplines basic to democracy. The task force exhorts educators and public leaders to advance an educational vision that would make civic learning and democratic […]
three men sitting while using laptops and watching man beside whiteboard
Created by Seed Coalition
Type: Workshop
Description: Participants will engage in reflection and analysis of power, history, message, relationships, and resources related to their chosen social issue. They will then be more prepared to select an impactful action.
man in blue long sleeve shirt holding smartphone
Created by Seed Coalition
Type: Workshop
Description: Participants will understand that we all have both strengths and areas for improvement. Treating others with a focus on their assets is not blindly optimistic, but rather an effective organizing strategy. Everything that has ever been accomplished has been done by imperfect people who chose to build on their strengths.
Brown Wooden Bridge Near Forest
Created by Seed Coalition
Type: Workshop
Description: This workshop is designed for participants to firmly place themselves into another mode of thinking as well as examine perceptions and stereotypes of their own identity. They will recognize the human thought processes behind deeply held beliefs.
two women standing in front of white dry erase board
Created by Seed Coalition
Type: Workshop
Description: Participants will understand that an elevator speech helps introduce an individual and the work with which they are involved. The aim is for the speech to be captivating enough to lead to further conversation, resulting in new connections, relationships, support, and possibly collaboration.
aerial view photography of group of people walking on gray and white pedestrian lane
Created by Seed Coalition
Type: Workshop
Description: Participants will understand that each person has many intersecting identities, conferring different degrees of privilege and oppression in different social contexts. Because of this, individuals often share, emphasize or deemphasize certain identities in different spaces. This can perpetuate pain, isolation, and oppression. It can also prevent organizations, institutions, and communities from benefiting from the […]
man standing infront of group of people
Created by Seed Coalition
Description: The Civic Competencies framework outlines how we hope students, AmeriCorps members, and interns explore and develop their civic capacity in Iowa & Minnesota Campus Compact programs. This framework pulls from key concepts in the field of higher education and civic engagement, including the Active Citizen Continuum and the Civic Minded Graduate, to provide structure […]
person using laptop computer
Created by Seed Coalition
Description: Based on the Civic-Minded Professionals rubric, Iowa Campus Compact developed a toolkit for higher education professionals to help students better translate their community engagement experiences into the professional sphere.
Teacher Giving Out Instructions Not to Cheat
Created by Seed Coalition
Description: This toolkit provides guidance for a community engagement professionals, campus communications professionals, campus administrators, and others involved in telling the story of higher education community engagement. It is the work product of the 2017-18 Minnesota Campus Compact Communications Task Force. We thank all those who participated for their contributions.
a stack of books sitting on top of a brown chair
Description: Community-Engaged Alliance encourages faculty, staff, and students from their member institutions to publish their work. Linked below is a list of academic publications that focus on, or frequently publish, work related to civic engagement, service-learning, high-impact practices, university-community relations, etc. The two journals highlighted at the top of the page are published at CEA […]
person in blue shirt writing on white paper
Description: This guide was developed in response to librarians fielding multiple requests from UMN researchers looking to incorporate anti-racism into their research practices. Conducting research through an anti-racism lens is a long-term and ongoing process and must be considered as part of a complex system which oppresses people and groups in multifaceted ways (i.e., classism, […]
A Man in Black Suit Jacket Talking to a Group of People Sitting with Him
Created by Seed Coalition
Type: Workshop
Description: This workshop is designed to make the process of providing feedback an intentional and positive experience. Giving or receiving feedback can be an emotional, tension ridden process. The aim is to provide a framework and structure so that those conversations are easier and the relationships between colleagues sustained.

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