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Understanding Self

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Building Allies & Support: The Elevator Speech

Description: Participants will understand that an elevator speech helps introduce an individual and the work with which they are involved. The aim is for the speech to be captivating enough to lead to further conversation, resulting in new connections, relationships, support, and possibly collaboration. Elevator-SpeechesDownload

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Assets and Deficits

Description: Participants will understand that we all have both strengths and areas for improvement. Treating others with a focus on their assets is not blindly optimistic, but rather an effective organizing strategy. Everything that has ever been accomplished has been done by imperfect people who chose to build on their strengths. Assets-and-DeficitsDownload

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The Self in Conflict

Description: Participants will understand the changes that occur in the body and brain during conflict and understand how self-awareness of body, brain, and emotions can help interrupt the stress response cycle and increase human capacity for thoughtful problem solving. The-Self-in-ConflictDownload

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Circles of My Multicultural Selves

Description: Participants will understand that each person has many intersecting identities, conferring different degrees of privilege and oppression in different social contexts. Because of this, individuals often share, emphasize or deemphasize certain identities in different spaces. This can perpetuate pain, isolation, and oppression. It can also prevent organizations, institutions, and communities from benefiting from the [...]

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Public Narrative: The Story of Self

Description: Participants will understand that the story of self communicates the key formative experiences that shaped you and “the values that are calling you to act.” A story of self is built around one or two key “choice points,” moments of large consequence in your life when you faced a challenge of some kind, made [...]

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What’s in Your Fish Bowl?

Description: All people have culture. Participants will understand that culture goes beyond race, ethnicity or social identity. There may be aspects of our cultures that have been invisible to us for certain periods of our lives, or even still, because we have been swimming in them all our lives. The cultural spaces we are raised [...]



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