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Minnesota & Iowa: Working Together

Across our campuses and within Campus Compact, we share a mission to fulfill higher education’s public purpose. That goal has never been more pressing to our communities than it is today. Increased political turmoil and questions about the value of education are forces that feel like they are bearing down on us. Too many people face seemingly insurmountable barriers to be able to flourish in their lives and careers. These are the very forces higher education has a responsibility to address through the education of our students, the quality of our research projects, and our partnerships with communities.

At Campus Compact, our mission is to support our member institutions as they fulfill the public purpose that is at the heart of their work. We partner with institutions to assist in prioritizing what matters most and to adapt to changing times in ways that allow us to continue to have a positive impact in our communities and on the world. In recent years, this certainly hasn’t gotten easier, but it has gotten more important. In response to these pressures and opportunities, Campus Compact has a responsibility to our members to elevate our work so that member institutions can achieve at their highest levels.

For Iowa Campus Compact and Minnesota Campus Compact, we have spent the last year considering new paradigms in order to assist institutions in their work. We have asked hard questions and engaged in dialogue to lead us to a critical moment in the future of our work together. At this moment, we are choosing solidarity and strength. We are choosing boldness and courage. We are choosing to adapt in ways that will allow us to best serve you, the students and the campuses at the center of our work.

As a result of many conversations, the boards of the two state Campus Compacts have determined that we will form a three-year strategic alliance—to act as one Iowa and Minnesota Campus Compact. The alliance will allow us to operate more efficiently and effectively so that we can work with more of your students, staff, faculty, and partners to address the most pressing issues that face us all from political polarity to student food insecurity to workforce readiness.

What does this mean?

  • More staff specializing in the work that moves you forward (meet the team)
  • Larger network to connect with and learn from (see our members)
  • More resources, including grants, programs, and events

What’s next?

We can’t do this alone. A network is only as strong as its members and connections. There has never been a more important time for higher education leaders to prioritize the hard work of strong, sustainable partnerships, community-engaged courses, and quality learning outcomes. This year, you can live out this mission by sending a team to our Student Ready Campus Summit, solidifying your election engagement coalition, finalizing a Civic Action Plan, hosting an Engaged Faculty Institute, making awards nominations, and more. We look forward to seeing you and pursuing our goals together.



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