Facilitated by Aimee Gourlay and Lena Gould, League of Minnesota Cities

Deepening Collaborative Relationships between Local Government and Colleges/Universities

We believe there is untapped potential for local governments and local government affiliates to form collaborative partnerships with colleges and universities to:

  • validate, understand and address complex policy issues in our communities;
  • jointly recommend research-based creative solutions for community problems;
  • help the machinery of local government function better;
  • and introduce and inspire students to consider public service as a career path which positively impacts communities.

This Community of Practice will explore these questions, and others the group may develop through dialogue:

  • What does community mean – are we all using the same definition?
    To what extent do we have common goals?
  • What can we learn from local government/university relationships which worked, or didn’t work?
  • What hallmarks of relationships between cities and universities help them work together effectively to solve priority issues and complex problems?
  • What advice would we as a Community of Practice give to local governments and universities who want to forge or deepen their partnerships?

Applicants are expected to commit to attending all sessions. This CoP will meet the fourth Thursday of the month from 12:00-1:30pm.

  • January 25, February 22, March 28, April 25

Meet the Facilitators

Aimee has thirty years of experience as a facilitator and mediator, specializing in supporting dialogues with groups across worldviews. In her role with the League, she helps cities collaborate to solve problems. She is also a Fellow at the Dispute Resolution Institute for Mitchell Hamline School of Law, where she teaches Organizational Conflict Management Systems and the Alternative Dispute Resolution Externship program (placing students in work experiences). She has a law degree from the U of MN.

Lena is data analyst of LMCIT’s programs and initiatives. She also assists with preparing analyses and materials for the annual renewal process for both the Property /Casualty and Worker’s Comp programs. Prior to working for LMCIT she worked for the League as Policy Analyst. Lena holds a master’s degree from the Edward J. Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy. Lena recently collaborated with cities and Benchmark Analytics on a multi-year research project to understand how to best support first responders’ mental wellness.

The priority deadline for applications is Friday, January 12.

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