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Description: The Individual Civic Action Plan is a tool designed by Seed Coalition staff to help program participants become social change agents in their communities. This tool is best complemented by the Civic Competencies framework and Social Change Wheel.
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Description: Commissioned by the US Department of Education, this major report responds to a national discourse that effectively limits the mission of higher education to workforce preparation and training, while marginalizing disciplines basic to democracy. The task force exhorts educators and public leaders to advance an educational vision that would make civic learning and democratic […]
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Description: The guide contains information and resources for university researchers and research partners thinking about doing research in any discipline that involves or impacts Tribal nations, Indigenous communities, Indigenous peoples, Indigenous lands, territories, policies, histories, wisdom, cultures, experiences or knowledge systems.
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Description: This guide was developed in response to librarians fielding multiple requests from UMN researchers looking to incorporate anti-racism into their research practices. Conducting research through an anti-racism lens is a long-term and ongoing process and must be considered as part of a complex system which oppresses people and groups in multifaceted ways (i.e., classism, […]
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Description: Community-Engaged Alliance encourages faculty, staff, and students from their member institutions to publish their work. Linked below is a list of academic publications that focus on, or frequently publish, work related to civic engagement, service-learning, high-impact practices, university-community relations, etc. The two journals highlighted at the top of the page are published at CEA […]
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Description: LEAD California (formerly California Campus Compact) designed the Community/University Initiative on Diversity, Equity, and Service (IDEAS) program, which focused on the integration of diversity and service-learning in higher education. The goal of the program was to encourage collaborative efforts between and across institutions around diversity and service-learning. By achieving this goal, we hoped to: […]
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Description: Designed to provide a pathway to civic learning for students in all majors, Practicing Democracy: A Toolkit for Educating Civic Professionals offers practical approaches and strategies for developing students’ capacity to engage in collaborative, public problem solving. This user-friendly guide is divided into twelve lessons, each with activities focused on supporting the next generation […]
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Description: In Summer 2013, a group of practitioner-scholars in higher education community engagement committed to developing a new resource to help guide professional development, career advancement, and unit guidance in the civic and community engagement field. Through a collective process, they developed a framework of competencies for community engagement professionals. These four areas, as outlined […]
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Description: This toolkit provides guidance for a community engagement professionals, campus communications professionals, campus administrators, and others involved in telling the story of higher education community engagement. It is the work product of the 2017-18 Minnesota Campus Compact Communications Task Force. We thank all those who participated for their contributions.
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Description: Based on the Civic-Minded Professionals rubric, Iowa Campus Compact developed a toolkit for higher education professionals to help students better translate their community engagement experiences into the professional sphere.

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